We have a fun tradition every year to go to my
mom's every Christmas Eve. We usually eat, and have
a little program (the kids get to do stuff, like play the piano,
read something, or sing.) Then the kids get spoiled
by Grandma, and from cousins. It is a fun tradition,
but WOW is it loud and CRAZY! Peyton opening presents
Lainey and Callie opening presents from Grandma Kathi

Lainey told a story that she learned in
Preschool. Though she added in a litte
extra attitude to go along with it!

Performing the chipmunk christmas song.
Peyton sang this song so cute, he even did it
in a chipmunk voice

Cute picture of Kinley and Paisley, born 2 months apart

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ramsam said...

My kids still love to get out there Santa and the Colored Sack story, sometimes they will tell it to their little cousins. I loved that preschool story! You guys all looks so cute!