Lainey turns 2

August 10th, Lainey turned two. Here she is
opening her presents.

She got a Barbie big wheel.
Since I made a pirate cake for Peyton, I knew

that I had to something special for Lainey. So here is her

Princess Cake. Again, I think that it turned out pretty good.


Walt DisneyWorld....where dreams come true!
Me and Joseph went to DisneyWorld in May.
It was really fun, and we enjoyed our time together.

We went to all four parks....DisneyWorld,
Animal Kindom, and Hollywood

We also went to Universal Studios.

We went to Florida for Joseph's brother Aaron's wedding,

but decided since we were there to stay and vacation a
little. We

got to visit with Joseph's family, and that was nice.

The hardest part was leaving Peyton and Lainey home!!!

Camping at Palisade

We went camping at Palisades for Springbreak. It
was a little cold, and windy, but we made it fun. The kids had fun feeding the ducks, fishing, and just
hanging out.

One day we went to the Manti Temple. The kids really liked

rolling down the huge hill one the grounds. I thought they were

going to be sick!

Peyton, Lainey, Makell, Hunter, and Callie (more cousins)

Easter 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's

Showing the big haul that they brought in at the

Easter Egg hunt at Albertson's. Lainey, Peyton,

Cydney, and Kade. (Cousins)

Peyton turns 4

Joseph made this cool playground for Peyton's 4th birthday.
The kids love to play on it, and have tons of fun. Great Job Dad!! Peyton got a bike for his birthday.
I made Peyton a pirateship cake. He loves pirates, so I knew
I had to attempt it. I think that it turned out pretty good.
Here is Peyton with his cake.
Here are our dogs. Stix is a Jackahuahua (that's what we like to call him!)

He is a Jack Russell Terrier and Chahuahua (how ever you spell that!!).

Peyton got him for his third birthday.

Mimi is a Lab and Border Collie mix (we think!). Mimi is of course

huge now. They like to play together, and are really good pals. Lainey got her

just because Joseph wanted to bring her home.

Christmas 2007

First snow of the year. It always makes the kids
so excited

Here we are at the ward Christmas party.
Santa came to visit, but Lainey isn't to sure about him.
Decorating the tree is always a fun tradition
at our house. Lainey and Peyton are finally getting
big enough to help us out.

Christmas morning couldn't be more fun!
The kids eyes light up as they open thier presents.

Peyton and Kade(cousin) have their Santa hats on,
and are posing for a picture in front of
Grandma's tree.

Halloween 2007

Halloween was fun this year. The kids were the perfect age to really "get" it and enjoy it. And of course there can't be Halloween without a Florida State pumkin. Peyton shows off the other pumkins we carved that year.

Lainey dressed as a cheerleader, and Peyton is a teradactyl.

Summer Fun in 2007

Lainey had tons of fun "playing" in the dirt, it looks more like burying herself to me!!!!
We went to Starvation Reserviour and did
a little boating, and played on the beach.

We stopped by DinasaurLand to let the kids play. Peyton loved digging for dinosaur bones.

Molly Cranford
Joseph Cranford
I am new to the whole "blog" thing, so I thought that I would start with the beginning of our family. Me and Joseph were married on May 3, 2002. We have two children, Peyton (4) and Lainey (2). We live in Spanish Fork. I am a loan officer at a local credit union, and Joseph is a dispatcher for Sunroc.

Lainey Jo Cranford
Peyton Douglas Cranford

Peyton was born on March 25, 2004 at Mountain View Hospital. He was 9lbs4oz. He was delivered by c-section because he was so big. He is very outgoing and has a lot of energy. He really likes to play sports, fish, camp and watch cartoons. Peyton is excited to begin another year of preschool.

Lainey was born on August 10, 2006 at Mountain View Hospital. She was 7lbs4oz. A little more pettite then her brother!! She has a really great personality, she keeps us on our toes. She likes to color, play dolls, and cook on her kitchen set.