What a Thanksgiving

On Wednesday at about 11:30 at night my nephew got in a car accident. So, I had to go stay with the other kids as Brian, Shelley, and my mom were at the hospital. It turned out that he broke almost all the bones in his face, including his upper and lower jaw. At about 3:00 in the morning, they life flighted him up to the U of U hospital. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep that night.
So with this all going on, I was kind of put in charge of trying to make a semi-normal Thanksgiving. (Luckily I didn't have to cook the Turkey, that could have been bad!!). I did have to cook the rolls though, and of course a burned the bottom of some. I decorated the table, and did all that I could to make it seem like any other Thanksgiving. Shelley and my mom made it back down just in time for dinner, but Brian spent his Thanksgiving in the hospital. So later that day we brought him left overs so the he could feel like he had a Thanksgiving.
So instead of playing games, and hanging out together all day, most of us traveled up to the hospital to visit Scott and be with Shelley and Brian.

So this is Scott after he got cleaned up a little.
This is the truck that they were in, of course, Scott was sitting in the back, right were the cab of the truck collapsed. He got lucky that things were not worse. We are so thankful for that!! He will be going into surgery today to place plates almost everywhere in his face. He will also have to have his jaw wired shut for 6-8 weeks. He has a long road of recovery to go through.

Oh Yeah...

and Twilight comes out Tomorrow at midnight! Wahooooo!! Anyone else excited about that , or is it just me?!!!!


I just had to announce that Lainey is officially potty trained!!!! She has a few accidents here and there, but for the most part she is doing awesome.

Finally....I know!

I am still having major camera issues (hint, hint Joseph. That would make a great birthday present!), so I had to have my sister take pictures of Halloween. Here are some that she sent me, but I know that there are more, so I will try to post them as I get them. Here are most of the cousins in their costumes. Peyton is a clone tropper (from Star Wars) and Lainey is a horse.

Here Lainey is with Callie. Lainey wouldn't wear the head of her costume, and of course refused to say Trick-or-Treat to anyone(did I mentioned she is stubborn!)