Easter 2010

These picture are going to be out of order
It is 11:00 and I am tired. So here ya go.....

Everyone takes a mintute to sit down and see what the got from the hunt

Peyton is excited to find some popcorn

Kinley checks out what is in her bucket

Making bird nests

Lainey on the hunt

Kinely hunts too!

Ready, set, hunt......

Lainey made these cute bunny ears at preschool

.....and this.....this is just dang cute!!

Peyton's 6th Birthday

Peyton loves to golf, and is actually pretty good
at it, so this year for his birthday we got him his
own set of "real" clubs. This is something
that him and his Dad love to do together

Showing off the new clubs

Peyton is into Lego Indiana Jones - well, pretty
much anything Indiana Jones, so I made
him an Indiana Jones cake.

"Cheese" with the final product

Since Peyton loves to golf so much, we went
to Trafalga for some miniture golfing. He invited
his cousin Hunter to come, and here they are

Peyton got a hole in one on the very first hole

I am telling you this kid is good!

Lainey working it out too, though I think that she missed the ball on this one
Or golfing backwards?

We had a party planned that Saturday with some friends
from school and church, Peyton started waiting
for people to come about twenty minutes early.
I had to take a picture of him waiting for the guests to arrive.

Group shot of some of his friends

Always going to be some Star Wars at a party for Peyton!