What a day!!

We had a fun filled day. We went to pick up Isaac from the airport.
He was returning from his mission in Texas. The kids were so excited.
They love "Uncle Isaac." They helped make the signs for him.
We picked up Isaac at 9:10, and had to have his brother Jacob
to the MTC at 11:00. That's right. We picked up one and dropped
one off on the same day. It was quite an experience. Jacob is going to
Spain, we will miss him!!
The kids hugging "Uncle Jacob" before he goes into the MTC

The family with "Elder" Cranford

Tough Women!!!

Lainey fell of her bike, and face planted on the
concrete. She busted her lip open, and had "road rash"
on her nose and lip. She hardly even cried -
that is my tough girl!!
I know, this is pretty discusting. I got hit in the leg
by a softball, and this is my bruise the next day.
Doesn't it kind of look like a bulls-eye??!!!

Afternoon at the Park

The kids play at Aunt Shelley's while I am at work. Here they are at
the park one afternoon.
They always have so much fun. Thanks Aunt Shelley!!!