We had our ward Christmas party last night, and look who showed up!! Peyton and Lainey were excited all week that they were going to see Santa. They knew exactly what they were going to ask for.
At the last minute, Lainey decided that she didn't like Santa, and wouldn't sit on his lap. Peyton was so concerned that he wouldn't know what she wanted, that he waited in line again to talk to Santa, so that he could tell him what Lainey wanted.
What a cute big brother - watching out for his little sister!!

They also decorated cookies (Granny B's!!!)- that was a big hit. All the kids liked that. Lainey just licked the frosting and sprinkles off of hers.

Decorating the Tree

Time to decorate the tree. My kids really love to do this. They pretty much decorate the tree by themselves. It really makes for a fun day, and a fun tradition.

Posing in front of their masterpiece!

Christmas Lights

On Sunday we went to visit Scott at the hospital. He got moved to a different room, so my kids were able to see him this time. He had surgery on Saturday, and it went well. Now he has to just recover. After we left the hospital a bunch of us went to see the lights at Temple Square.

Here is Peyton and Lainey. You can't tell from the pictures,
but this tree was the most beautiful one on all the grounds.

Peyton was so funny, he kept wanting to pose for pictures. This one he is laying on the sidewalk (don't ask me!!)

Peyton, Trevor, Hunter, Callie, Connor, Lainey, and Makell

Peyton and Lainey
Peyton is posing again for a picture, I wish I would have
had a better camera, these pictures would have turned out awesome!

Well, I guess that this one turned out alright. My kids just kept
asking if we could go in the temple

What a Thanksgiving

On Wednesday at about 11:30 at night my nephew got in a car accident. So, I had to go stay with the other kids as Brian, Shelley, and my mom were at the hospital. It turned out that he broke almost all the bones in his face, including his upper and lower jaw. At about 3:00 in the morning, they life flighted him up to the U of U hospital. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep that night.
So with this all going on, I was kind of put in charge of trying to make a semi-normal Thanksgiving. (Luckily I didn't have to cook the Turkey, that could have been bad!!). I did have to cook the rolls though, and of course a burned the bottom of some. I decorated the table, and did all that I could to make it seem like any other Thanksgiving. Shelley and my mom made it back down just in time for dinner, but Brian spent his Thanksgiving in the hospital. So later that day we brought him left overs so the he could feel like he had a Thanksgiving.
So instead of playing games, and hanging out together all day, most of us traveled up to the hospital to visit Scott and be with Shelley and Brian.

So this is Scott after he got cleaned up a little.
This is the truck that they were in, of course, Scott was sitting in the back, right were the cab of the truck collapsed. He got lucky that things were not worse. We are so thankful for that!! He will be going into surgery today to place plates almost everywhere in his face. He will also have to have his jaw wired shut for 6-8 weeks. He has a long road of recovery to go through.

Oh Yeah...

and Twilight comes out Tomorrow at midnight! Wahooooo!! Anyone else excited about that , or is it just me?!!!!


I just had to announce that Lainey is officially potty trained!!!! She has a few accidents here and there, but for the most part she is doing awesome.

Finally....I know!

I am still having major camera issues (hint, hint Joseph. That would make a great birthday present!), so I had to have my sister take pictures of Halloween. Here are some that she sent me, but I know that there are more, so I will try to post them as I get them. Here are most of the cousins in their costumes. Peyton is a clone tropper (from Star Wars) and Lainey is a horse.

Here Lainey is with Callie. Lainey wouldn't wear the head of her costume, and of course refused to say Trick-or-Treat to anyone(did I mentioned she is stubborn!)

Next American Idols

I never knew my kids were so talented (okay, of course I knew!!). Especially performing in front of others - and on top of that Singing! I was one that never did like to get up in front of people and really didn't like to sing. So I don't know where they picked it up, but I am glad they did. Maybe one of them will be the next American Idol, and make me lots of money!!!!

This is what I hear literally 95% of the day! I know that it sounds cute now, but after hearing it all day around the house, in the car, and everywhere it kind of gets to you!

It is Primary Program time, so we have been practing some of the songs they will sing. Here is Peyton singing one of his favorites. He sings the chorus with such gustoe!! It isn't hard to picture him as a missionary. It kind of brings a tears to my eyes.

What a day!!

We had a fun filled day. We went to pick up Isaac from the airport.
He was returning from his mission in Texas. The kids were so excited.
They love "Uncle Isaac." They helped make the signs for him.
We picked up Isaac at 9:10, and had to have his brother Jacob
to the MTC at 11:00. That's right. We picked up one and dropped
one off on the same day. It was quite an experience. Jacob is going to
Spain, we will miss him!!
The kids hugging "Uncle Jacob" before he goes into the MTC

The family with "Elder" Cranford

Tough Women!!!

Lainey fell of her bike, and face planted on the
concrete. She busted her lip open, and had "road rash"
on her nose and lip. She hardly even cried -
that is my tough girl!!
I know, this is pretty discusting. I got hit in the leg
by a softball, and this is my bruise the next day.
Doesn't it kind of look like a bulls-eye??!!!

Afternoon at the Park

The kids play at Aunt Shelley's while I am at work. Here they are at
the park one afternoon.
They always have so much fun. Thanks Aunt Shelley!!!

Lainey turns 2

August 10th, Lainey turned two. Here she is
opening her presents.

She got a Barbie big wheel.
Since I made a pirate cake for Peyton, I knew

that I had to something special for Lainey. So here is her

Princess Cake. Again, I think that it turned out pretty good.


Walt DisneyWorld....where dreams come true!
Me and Joseph went to DisneyWorld in May.
It was really fun, and we enjoyed our time together.

We went to all four parks....DisneyWorld,
Animal Kindom, and Hollywood

We also went to Universal Studios.

We went to Florida for Joseph's brother Aaron's wedding,

but decided since we were there to stay and vacation a
little. We

got to visit with Joseph's family, and that was nice.

The hardest part was leaving Peyton and Lainey home!!!

Camping at Palisade

We went camping at Palisades for Springbreak. It
was a little cold, and windy, but we made it fun. The kids had fun feeding the ducks, fishing, and just
hanging out.

One day we went to the Manti Temple. The kids really liked

rolling down the huge hill one the grounds. I thought they were

going to be sick!

Peyton, Lainey, Makell, Hunter, and Callie (more cousins)

Easter 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's

Showing the big haul that they brought in at the

Easter Egg hunt at Albertson's. Lainey, Peyton,

Cydney, and Kade. (Cousins)

Peyton turns 4

Joseph made this cool playground for Peyton's 4th birthday.
The kids love to play on it, and have tons of fun. Great Job Dad!! Peyton got a bike for his birthday.
I made Peyton a pirateship cake. He loves pirates, so I knew
I had to attempt it. I think that it turned out pretty good.
Here is Peyton with his cake.
Here are our dogs. Stix is a Jackahuahua (that's what we like to call him!)

He is a Jack Russell Terrier and Chahuahua (how ever you spell that!!).

Peyton got him for his third birthday.

Mimi is a Lab and Border Collie mix (we think!). Mimi is of course

huge now. They like to play together, and are really good pals. Lainey got her

just because Joseph wanted to bring her home.