What a day!!

We had a fun filled day. We went to pick up Isaac from the airport.
He was returning from his mission in Texas. The kids were so excited.
They love "Uncle Isaac." They helped make the signs for him.
We picked up Isaac at 9:10, and had to have his brother Jacob
to the MTC at 11:00. That's right. We picked up one and dropped
one off on the same day. It was quite an experience. Jacob is going to
Spain, we will miss him!!
The kids hugging "Uncle Jacob" before he goes into the MTC

The family with "Elder" Cranford


ramsam said...

You guys have been so busy with all this family stuff. I always loved taking my kids to all the uncle/cousin farewells and picking ups.....I thought it was good fo rmy kids to be involved with that.

BTW~ thx for coming VT today. I have kind of a goal with myself to do better...if we go together I think we can do it, right? It was so fun seeing Peyton, too. I am seriously calling him when the chestnuts start falling....(and you can park on MY street anytime.)

Melissa said...

That is crazy that those brothers came and left on the same day. I'm sure glad you made a Koyle search. We are good. You can check us out on our blog. dmstubbsfamily.blogspot.com

-Melissa Stubbs

ramsam said...

okay, so I check your blog,like, a zillion times.... just so you know.

What can we do for Annette? We need to go visit her (when we can, that is).....

thanks for sharing time today.

Harrison's said...

Hey Molly,

We're coming the 23rd-28th. Are you still at the main office? What's your schedule like? If you don't want to post your life schedule for everyone to see my email is julieharrison22@gmail.com. I would love to see you when I'm in town!

P.S. You need to post more pictures of your cute family!!