Another FUN day

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House
Peyton couldn't wait for this day to come,
he was so excited, and he is so interested in
the temples.

Next, we went to Kennecott.
The kids thought that this was pretty cool.

Biggest man made can even see it from space.

This is how big the tires are on the trucks that
haul out the rocks and dirt.

24th of July FUN

The sirens at the parade were a little too loud to handle
The kids with Shelley, watching the Parade

At the Rodeo, with Trudy and Callie

Watching the Rodeo, with cousins, Hunter and Cydney

Having fun on the rides at the Carnival, along with
another cousin, Shelby

More rides......

The "fish rodeo" is one of the highlights for my kids
Here Lainey is catching her fish

Peyton is searching for his.

Peyton won $25, which he of course spent on a
new light saber!

Swimming Lessons

Go Lainey, Go......jumping off the diving board (with a little help)
My kids LOVE the water!

Peyton's turn on the diving board.

A little Scared!

They did awesome, and learned a lot
Thanks Mandie and Abby!


Two Cutest Kids in the World!!
Camping up Hobble Creek

Posing with Daddy and the fish that he caught

See, I was there too!!!
(hopefully only picture posted of me while I am prego!)

Lainey relaxing by the river, just like mom.

Panning for gold in the river.

Peyton's Preschool Program

Achiever Preschool 2008-09
Posing in front of the cute props on the stage.
Peyton did an awesome job singing, and doing the actions!!

Being a turkey for one of the songs (that seems fitting!)

His teachers: Miss Julie and Miss Linda

Happy Easter 2009

Ready, Set, Go....

On the hunt.......what will I find?

Look at all the fun things in my basket!!

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five years old

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Peyton
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Cutest kids in the world!!

Isaac's wedding, March 12th 2009

After we got Lainey ready she said that she looked like a "princess"
She sure did!!!

After Peyton was ready he ran to look in the mirror,
came back in and said, "dang I look good!"
He sure did!!!!!
I could believe how handsome and how cute Lainey looked, I think that
they stole the show. Peyton couldn't stay away from the camera, and Lainey was
just Lainey.....crazy.

Yeah, that is a baby counter over there!! It makes me a little sick to look at, as it lists 211 more days. Not just that makes me sick, everything does. I have been so sick, hardly keeping anything down. Therefore, no Christmas morning post (maybe eventually). You are just lucky that you are getting this!!