Christmas Morning 2009

Is there a baby in there somewhere! She enjoyed
all the paper!

Kinley's first Christmas, always so fun

Look at that smile!! He LOVES legos

Peyton wrapped this present for is Dad. It was in an
oatmeal box, wrapped with regular paper.
Inside was one of Joseph's screw drivers!
How thoughtful of Peyton. Of course those
are the best present we receive. From the smile
on Joseph's face, I think that he enjoyed it.

Another good face!

Joseph gets his traditional movie

Love this picture of Kinley. This shows so
much of her personality. She is such a happy baby
and she loves to smile.

Lainey checks out some of her presents

Kinley has to pose with her presents too!

How cute is this!!

Lainey opens a present
(look at that hair, that is a glance of how it looks before it is tamed)
Of couse Peyton had to get something from Star Wars!

Don't they look cute in there matching Pajamas!!

We have a fun tradition every year to go to my
mom's every Christmas Eve. We usually eat, and have
a little program (the kids get to do stuff, like play the piano,
read something, or sing.) Then the kids get spoiled
by Grandma, and from cousins. It is a fun tradition,
but WOW is it loud and CRAZY! Peyton opening presents
Lainey and Callie opening presents from Grandma Kathi

Lainey told a story that she learned in
Preschool. Though she added in a litte
extra attitude to go along with it!

Performing the chipmunk christmas song.
Peyton sang this song so cute, he even did it
in a chipmunk voice

Cute picture of Kinley and Paisley, born 2 months apart


Lainey shows off her pretty Christmas dress

My girls

All together.

I wish this picture wasn't fuzzy. Kinley looks
so cute in her Christmas dress

The kids were enthralled with Santa
and the story that he read them.
Peyton sits on Santa's lap, and asks for
Lego Indian Jones and Alvin and the Chipmunks

Lainey would not even go in the room with Santa.
She ran down the hall and then down the next hall.
So I snapped this picture of her on Granma Kathi's lap,
the next best thing.
"Baby's 1st Christmas"

Kinley sits on Santa's lap for the first time.
Her bib says "I belive in Santa Claus"

We have a fun tradition of decorating the tree
together. I wish I would have taken a picture of the
tree after they got done, all of the decorations where
on the bottom half of the tree all clumped together.
I had to help out a little to make it look nice. Peyton decorating the tree

Lainey decorating the tree

Posing in front of their accomplishment

All three in front of the tree.

Fun in the snow
Peyton wipes out!

Some of the neighbor kids came to sled too.

A successful run from Peyton

Lainey absolutely loved it!

Here are a few pictures of Kinley


"what is with these hands?"

I tried my darndest to not have a thumb sucker.
I really don't like it! I tried everything from pulling it
out everytime I saw her, to always giving her the binky.
She won out though! Even though I don't like it,
doesn't she look so cute!
Ready for winter!
(and again with the hands!)

Joseph's mom and dad came for a visit, so
we went and had some pictures taken while they
were here.
What can I husband is a dork!

My cute family

Love this picture! My kids with Grandma Mary
and Grandpa Doug

Utah Clan (except for Joseph's brothers Nathan and Seth)

Kinley's blessing Day

Me and Joseph with Kinley
The girls

What a great day!

My beautiful children

With Grandma Kathi