Anybody that knows Joseph knows what a huge
Florida State fan he is. He has passed that love down to
the family, especially the kids. We have a whole room at
home dedicated to Florida State, so when they
came out to play BYU it was HUGE.
We all went to the pep rally. FSU doesn't
play BYU very often, so this was a once in a
lifetime thing for my family. And we enjoyed it.

This big Y was painted on the lawn when we got home
(thanks to some of Joseph's friends), so Joseph painted
on FSU over the Y to show them who is boss. I'm not sure that Joseph has ever looked happier!
I am happy that Florida State won, for his sake.

Peyton loved doing the war chant to all the BYU fans!

Peyton and Joseph got to go the the BYU/FSU
game. They had so much fun, and I am glad that
they got to experience that together.

Halloween 2009 - Peyton was Anakin and Lainey
was Tinkerbell (their two favorite characters at
the time). Kinley is a flower and I am the
wicked witch (we did the Wizard of Oz theme at work)
and Joseph is a Florida State Fan (what else!)

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