I know, I know, about time, right? I know that
I am way behind on this. #3 doesn't leave to much
time for much else, especially blogging!
Kinley is now six months
old. So I will just give you a quick recap
of the last six months, and then I will try to do atleast monthly updates.

Kinley Kay Cranford. Born on August 9th 2009

8 lbs 5 oz.

Joseph gets to hold Kinley first....they get to go to the nursery,
get her weighed and washed up.....all while I am still
on the table. I always miss all this fun.

I get the first glimps of Kinley. It is a nervous first little bit
after she is born, I don't see her right away, and all I can hear is
her crying. The anticipation is a killer.

I finally get to hold my new baby. That is the hardest
part about having a C-section, I don't get to hold
the baby for a while. It is hard to wait.

Peyton meets his new baby sister

Lainey meets her new baby sister

Don't we make a cute family?

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