Christmas Morning 2009

Is there a baby in there somewhere! She enjoyed
all the paper!

Kinley's first Christmas, always so fun

Look at that smile!! He LOVES legos

Peyton wrapped this present for is Dad. It was in an
oatmeal box, wrapped with regular paper.
Inside was one of Joseph's screw drivers!
How thoughtful of Peyton. Of course those
are the best present we receive. From the smile
on Joseph's face, I think that he enjoyed it.

Another good face!

Joseph gets his traditional movie

Love this picture of Kinley. This shows so
much of her personality. She is such a happy baby
and she loves to smile.

Lainey checks out some of her presents

Kinley has to pose with her presents too!

How cute is this!!

Lainey opens a present
(look at that hair, that is a glance of how it looks before it is tamed)
Of couse Peyton had to get something from Star Wars!

Don't they look cute in there matching Pajamas!!


Harrison's said...

Oh I LOVE all these new posts. Your kids are just so dang cute! The blessing day pics are so pretty. Oh and I loved the bubble bath pic -- too funny.

ramsam said...

The new posts are all great.

I am definitely going to recommend LegoLand to you. Peyton would LOVE it. All of my kids were totally enthralled the whole time we were there. Find coupons if you can- (can't you get them from the credit union?) because it seemed pricey to me, but man, we had a great day when we were there.