Lainey turns 2

August 10th, Lainey turned two. Here she is
opening her presents.

She got a Barbie big wheel.
Since I made a pirate cake for Peyton, I knew

that I had to something special for Lainey. So here is her

Princess Cake. Again, I think that it turned out pretty good.


Harrison's said...

Molly! It's so great to hear from you. I'm so excited you have a blog. I can't believe how grown up Lainey looks. And dang pretty sure you need to teach cake decorating classes! Those are way deluxe.

Celiece said...

Good thing I was stalking Julie and saw your blog! Hello why didn't you make a comment on mine?? Oh well I'll forgive you-welcome to blogging!

Marty and Emily said...

Molly! It's Emily Oldham (Johnson). I just found your blog from the sfhs site. It's funny, your kids look SO much bigger than the last time I saw them, but they both look exactly the same...just larger scale.:) They are SO stinkin cute! I'm glad you have a blog, it will be fun to keep up with your little family...and the big family as well - I'm guessing you'll probably post if anyone has a baby or something, right?